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CODE DECO  is an epic dream, an odyssey that unfolds in an era vaguely resembling our 1920s, 30s, in a glimmering Metropolis called the GovernMeccno Beuro.  

               The Metropolis GMB entombs its society for the sole purpose of perpetuating itself.  It is engineered to function with mechanical precision and has done so for as long as ancestry can remember.

               Two citizens, a young peasant, Ollee BoGair, and a wealthy, charismatic gambler, Dick Deco, by a sudden turn of events, find themselves on the run, pursued by both common thugs and Agents of LawEnforcement.

               The further they journey, the more elusive their safety becomes.

               It is with no intention of their own that they stumble upon a foreign realm, a realm of hidden activity, forbidden knowledge, and empowering visions.

               It is an odyssey that transforms two individuals... and forever affects the future of the Metropolis GMB.

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Winner of the 2018 American Fiction Award

- Fantasy Category -

B e u r o   B o o k s

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