Nearing Removal

Club Performer


Shop Tender

Elite:  Lady

Lobes waiting to board RiserPv17.

Elite:  Master

Floor Custodian

               The metropolis known as GMB, GovernMeccno Beuro, or GMecc, is a realm so vast, so encompassing, it is known as a city without end.  Its citizens live and die and never know of anything beyond.​

GovernMeccno Beuro: The Citizens

PipeFitter on Suspension

LEO, LawEnforcement Officer

             Inhabiting the Metropolis GMB is a society ruled by Elite families and sustained by a vast peasant class.  There are the very rich and the very poor - none in-between.

          Peasants are called lobes.  There are two types, those who directly tend to the needs of Elites, and those who don't.  Tenders are taught necessary skills and manners to fulfill their laborAssignment.  The rest receive no training and serve laborAssignment working inside laborStructures - magnificent buildings on the outside, forced labor camps on the inside.

             In every regard the GMB is structured vertically.  Elites live at the top, frequent glamorous clubs, and live the life of highPardeur.  Lobes live in the bowels of the city known as the bricks, and struggle to survive.


YouthServices Marshal


Labor Over

Tavern regular

Baggage Tender