Moving about the metropolis is pardeur for Elites - from one Elite zone to another.  Lifters glide diagonally, the party continues inside.

The Elite Life - highPardeur

Inside Rollston Penthouse

               Relaxing in the intimacy of their penthouse chambers, the Elite are free to ponder the expanse of their empires, their controls, their powers.

Club life for the Elites.

By Lifter or by grandLimousine, the destination for most Elites is the club, the focus of their social life.

Alters burn, performers dance, drummers drive the tempo.  Vapors swirl to realms of impulse, sensation, lust - relief from the suffocation of family responsibility and social obligation.

               While more mannered clubs are in restricted precincts, the most lively venues are in blocs that are considered less safe, unrestricted.  These clubs are usually frequented by the younger Elites in search of vulgar thrills.  For some, beyond the confines of the club there is a sensuous peril that can only be found in these unprotected surrounds.  For them the ultimate fantasy is an encounter in a low-down tavern, or a one-to-one on a steamy rooftop where rusted pipes and fouling generators add a touch of the exotic.‚Äč