Laborers enter the chamber of ratios inside the KineticTransmission Complex.

Descending to the bricks.

Lobes - Life at the bottom

The riser cage lurches and grinds as it carries citizens to the lower recesses, the darker regions.

              At birth, lobes are assigned unique IdentityConsent Numbers, ICNs.  Their lives pass through specific stages: pre-youth, youthService, laborer, suspended (if injured), postLabor, and the final stage, removal.

      Removal is a single function that accounts for all aspects of death.  Government squads remove corpses and, when necessary, individuals deemed undesirable or no longer useful to the GMB.

            When not working, lobes live their not-so pardeur lives inside their flat, or 'box.'  The young grow up, the laborers rest between shifts, and the elders wait for their inevitable removal.

            Lobes are the grease that allows the gears of the GMB to mesh smoothly, quietly, efficiently.  Their utility justifies their existence, their output determines their worth.‚Äč

Bloc e4, Precinct 66LT, beneath channelWalk 9.

            More than an assigning of labors, laborAssignment is a means of enforcing inescapable servitude - an institution that uses fear and pain to extract maximum performance with minimum expense.

            Among laborers, there have always been whispered notions of rebellion - citizens rising up and overwhelming the Elites.  No one believes it could actually happen.  It is the dream of a very few, and considered by most to be an invitation to certain death.