GMB TeccnoTrophy - Big Tecc

CounselorEscort - The Stradmore Hotel

          The highest achievements of this civilization are expressed in feats of industrial design and mechanical engineering.  All citizens are encouraged to take pride in these achievements.

                To that end, GovernMeccno Beuro sponsors the running of an auto race, The GMB TeccnoTrophy, BigTecc - a thrilling display of the GMB's technical prowess. 

                BigTecc offers citizens a rare chance to shout, jump, act spontaneously in public.  Unintentionally it also fosters gambling, fist-fights, even rape and murder.

                   It is by far the biggest public attraction.

LaborStructure - Higgard stamp-foundry

Riser TransferStation

                    The Metropolis GMB holds an entire civilization - functions as a machine, thoroughly engineered, meticulously maintained.  It neither evolves nor deteriorates in any substantial way.

                  The machine requires a population that neither increases nor decreases.  It requires no new building, only restoration and repair.  All at a static shape, all at a static size, in an ever-repeating cycle.  And it has existed exactly this way, locked in its own functionality, for as long as can be remembered.

Centric 5tTb.  A blast from the alertHorn brings out the first of a rush of laborers.

GovernMeccno Beuro: The Metropolis